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- John Wooden

Congratulating Mark Demerath!

Congratulations to Mark Demerath for 20 years of Purple Aces Basketball.  The longest running club in the state Mark has worked tirelessly for the love of the game and the kids to make sure that all kids get a chance to do what they love and learn life long skills to take them into the future.  Thank you Mark for all you do.


Purple Aces Basketball is a highly respected club basketball program in Northeast Wisconsin for girls in the Fifth Grade through High School Junior.  Our goal is to develop the player's basketball skills while teaching teamwork, respect, time management, dedication, friendship, and communication - all while enjoying the experiences of the Purple Aces.

Players will participate on traveling teams that, dependent upon grade level, play in tournaments in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois.  We focus on having our teams play the best competition in their particular age group when competing.  Many of these tournaments are National Tournaments and attract many college coaches looking for recruits.  We provide girls with the opportunities to play in front of these coaches and ultimately be recruited or offered scholarships if the player wishes to pursue playing basketball on a collegiate level.

Mark Demerath
Purple Aces Founder


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